The fortified church in Brochów


The parish church of St. Roch is one of the few monuments in Poland that combined religious and defense functions many years ago. Its appearance today slightly differs from how it looked in the 16th century, which is the result of the controversial, carried out in a hurry restoration work in 1946-49 - the vaults are made of cement, the roof is covered with modern tiles, the tower spires now have a strange, ahistorical form.
The furnishing of the temple is almost entirely from modern times - except for the original 18th-century statues of Dominican saints. Fireplaces for cooking food for the crew in the event of a siege have been preserved, as well as the graves of the Lasocki family in the basement, the owners of villages in the years 1662-1931. The church still serves as a sacral building.

Interesting facts

The Brochów municipality was one of the organisers of the historical re-enactment commemorating episodes of the Battle of Bzura. It involved at least several hundred participants dressed in Polish, German and Slovakian military uniforms, as well as cavalry and historical armoured vehicles, and even an airplane. This event was the largest Polish re-enactment of World War II and the most important meeting of history enthusiasts from the September'39 group.

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