Czerwińsk – Middle Ages town by the Vistula River


Czerwińsk nad Wisłą

  • From Moto Przystan: 6km
  • GPS: 52.257276, 20.310441
  • Links: Czerwińsk nad Wisłą
  • Nearby: Wyszogrod Town, Modlin Fortress

This is a settlement on the high bank of the Vistula River. It is not a bustling, tourist town, you will not find any souvenir shops or crowds of visitors. Czerwińsk is a rather poor city, but not affected by the destructive hand of commercialism. However, it has its own charm thanks to its rich history, location, traditional small-town buildings, and above all, because of the monastery of Canons towering over the area that has existed since the 12th century. It is worth taking a trip on a sunny summer day and feeling how time slows down here.

Interesting facts

During the war with the Teutonic Order, in the summer of 1410, the Polish Army under the command of the King Jagiello crossed the Vistula near Czerwińsk on a pontoon bridge - a unique technological solution in those times, and soon after joined one of the greatest battles in the history of medieval Europe - the Battle of Grunwald.

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