The Battle of Bzura Museum

muzeum bitwy nad bzurą

The Battle of Bzura Museum

The Museum of Sochaczew and the Battle of Bzura is the largest museum in Poland of a single battle. It features an impressive collection of weapons, equipment, documents and uniforms of soldiers of the Polish Army who took part in the largest battle of the War in 1939 - the Battle of Bzura. It was the largest and practically the only offensive of the Allied forces in the early years of World War II, whose dramatic finale played out in the nearby surroundings, especially at the mouth of the Vistula. Many war cemeteries and graves of soldiers remember the events of that period. The museum is housed in a historic building, the town hall, and apart from collections related to the fighting by the Bzura River in 1939, it also presents artefacts of the earliest history of Sochaczew that can be found at the archaeological exhibition.

Interesting facts

Battles were also fought along the Bzura during World War I. Bzura and Rawka witnessed many months of trench warfare between the armies of Germany and Tsarist Russia in 1915. Chemical weapons were used for the first time in action on a mass scale at the front along Bzura and Rawka. It was the only trench warfare battle during the Great War on the eastern front. The museum presents a very interesting collection of equipment, arms, messages and reports from those days.

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