The Kampinos National Park

Kampinos forest

  • From Moto Przystan: 17km
  • GPS: 52.286705, 20.458172
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  • Nearby: Early medieval settlement "Zamczysko"

This is Poland's largest national park, covering the area of ​​the Kampinos Forest - stretching from the western borders of Warsaw to the western shores of Bzura. The forest is a great area for hiking and cycling. It consists mainly of pine forest and the landscape is filled with numerous swamps and dunes. The latter make up one of the most interesting complexes of inland dunes of its kind in Europe. The forest is the largest "home" of moose in Poland, as well as of many species of birds that are unique on a European scale. The Kampinos National Park is recognised by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Its forests have also witnessed many events in history - the northern areas by the Vistula River were for hundreds of years inhabited by Olender settlers, who left behind old cemeteries, willow avenues and traces of their influence on rural architecture. During World War II, the Kampinos Forest was the location of the dramatic ending of the battle of Bzura, when the Polish army was trying to get through to the besieged Warsaw after being defeated.

Interesting facts

Transformation of the lands by the Vistula into a National Park and the subsequent afforestation resulted in the depopulation of forest settlements. Today, in many places of the forest there are only relics of them that have remained, which are in the form of foundations, roadside crosses, abandoned homes and even entire villages. These settlements that witnessed many years of history make a big impression.

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